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At the forefront are 5G Evolution and Mobile 5G, mobile services offering different connection speeds. In comparison, T-Mobile is more black-and-white, taking a simpler approach to its public 5G rollout plans. Simply put, T-Mobile is focusing on a long-range nationwide 5G service first followed by an in-home fixed wireless service at a later date.

Its short-range service using millimeter waves will open shop in specific markets at the end of and into as devices hit the market.

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Meanwhile, Verizon is rolling out a 5G-based fixed in-home service first based on a proprietary 5G TF network standard. Verizon also plans to launch a mobile 5G service six months after the full launch of its fixed in-home solution. Take a look:. This platform only provides theoretical peak wireless speeds of up to Mbps for compatible devices.

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The company is also using software-defined networking, artificial intelligence and more to increase data transmissions over the current 4G LTE speeds. These small cells can mount on streetlights, utility poles, and more. Here are the claimed spectrums:.

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It expects to offer a nationwide 5G network using sub-6 Ghz spectrum sometime in early At the moment, the carrier is only letting select businesses and consumers get the 5G hotspot for up to 90 days for free. The massive 6. Those developers will be asked to create apps that use the 5G capabilities of the phone. The smartphone has a flexible screen that turns the device from a 4.

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Samsung has said it will sell a 4G and a 5G version of the Galaxy Fold. Many plans now offer unlimited minutes. A CUB analysis of more than 4, bills showed that the average Illinois wireless customer paid for more than 6 hours of unused minutes—enough to drive from Chicago to Cairo, IL while talking on the phone. Bloated data costs is another big problem. Data is measured in gigabytes GB.

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In , North American consumers with smartphones used an average of 3. To give you an idea of what that means, consider that 1 GB is about equal to each of the following tasks:. However, if you have a very expensive smartphone, the insurance could be worthwhile. Read the fine print to see what the cellphone insurance actually covers.

Keep in mind that authorities may not be able to determine your exact location if you call from a cellphone, as they do when receiving calls from a landline. If you do have a landline and a cellphone, use your wireless plan to help reduce your overall costs. For example, if you consistently have a lot of wireless minutes left at the end of each month, use them to make long-distance calls from home. That will reduce the bill you get from your regular landline long-distance company. Depending on your calling habits, you may be able to drop your regular long-distance completely.

A free cell phone? Lifeline, a federal program funded by telecom carriers to give low-income callers access to basic phone service, has been extended to wireless customers. The service, marketed as SafeLink by TracFone, but also offered by other wireless companies, provides a refurbished cell phone and about 60 free minutes of calling a month. Plus, in an emergency, authorities may not be able to locate your exact location when calling from a cellphone, as they do when receiving landline calls. Still, the number of wireless-only households continues to grow.

Online contests, surveys and spam text messages are just a few of the ways scammers gain access to your bill. Beware of contests or sweepstakes that require filling out online forms. Ask your cellphone company if it offers free fraud protections, such as blocks on texts, data, or third-party charges.

Then, call the cellphone company. Make sure you agree what that undisputed amount is, and record the time of the call and the full name of the person you talk to. If you still seek restitution and are an Illinois resident, you can file a complaint with the office of state Attorney General Lisa Madigan www.

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Donate Today! Fight billions in current and future rate hikes! Donations matched today! Cell Phone Shopper's Guide. PDF version of this fact sheet.