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Might be useful to others to know about this…in the case where merchant wants to securely collect credit card data and then process with their own terminal, this plugin seems to solve the issue I spent a while finding it. My idea is to create a squeeze page format on this single page which allows users to subscribe to a free membership using your Memberships plugin. The user would only need to enter their first name, email, and password. The user could be sent through a sales funnel and if they purchase a premium option down the road, they could make a new purchase on the standard cart form.

Please let me know your ideas. If you always want this form to be simplified, even if there are other products in the cart, then your approach should work as well. Is it possible to remove the part of the checkout page that displays the total, shipping, tax, etc.? I love these tutorials. So grateful that you take the time out to answer questions here, Beka. Do you have any custom code around subscriptions or other plugins that use it?

Woocommerce Stop Scrolling To Error Message On Checkout Page - Blog

There was no special tweaking to the subscriptions. I had reset the plugins. Changed out the theme, but still got that same error message on checkout. Seriously, thank you.

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This tut will save my clients listeners time and hassle for free music downloads. If I wanted to switch out looking for the coupon and use a category ID instead — any items in specials for example — to remove those extra billing fields, how would I go about that? This would also depend on if it should execute when one product in the category is found, or only if all products are in the category. Do you have plugin for this or know of anyone that has a plugin for this?

Hi Beka, Thank you for this code.

How To Make A Custom WooCommerce Checkout Page With Elementor

I used it in its entirety in Code Snippets and it is working great as far as purchasing something for free, however, I notice that sometimes when I try to purchase something that is not free, the same result shows as for free items that is, only a couple of fields to fill , then when I try to go to pay, it says that I have not filled in the required fields and lists all of the other fields that would normally be there.

Not sure how to do that. I further discovered that if I simply refresh my page, the fields show up. However, most customers would probably move on once they see the error message so I would love to fix it. I read through some other comments and believe that I saw a couple others with a similar problem but I have not been able to find the solution. Please help.

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Can you give me more details here? Thank you for your response. However, if I add the priced item and them click on the Proceed to Checkout option without first viewing the cart from within my header, only the skeletal fields show. Is there a setting I need to change within my header?

If the order is only virtual items, no shipping fields are shown. Could you help me? Is there no other way to offer a free registration form? This solution will likely scare off a good proportion of users when they see:.

Woocommerce Memberships gets so many things right — How can the integration of a proper free registration be missing? Is it possible to conditionally change the template used for the checkout page when no payment is required? We are looking into some changes on how access is granted for version 1. If you wanted to conditionally change the checkout further when no payment is required, you can definitely do so!

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I used phpcodechecker to see if I could get some info on what the offense was in line 4 but it said that there were no issues. Would there be any other reason why I would get the error other than something with the code in line 4? Some kind of plugin clash? OK well it cleared up the WC icons in my dashboard when I did this.

Elements that are changed:

And the fatal errors seem to have stopped. Thanks again! I just wanted to thank you for this article. I am still in the process of testing all scenarios, but I now have it working the way I want due to all the snippets of code. I wanted to display the billing fields when customer selected a free and paid product together.

That was not working with the original code. The billing fields would only come up if a customer only added products with a price no free items. But I need to be able to capture the billing address for paid items for tax purposes. A few more tests and I am hoping to make the change tomorrow. One thing I noticed was that with woocommerce subscriptions I was getting an error. Would this be of interest to anyone?

This snippet fixed an error when using a coupon with WC Subscriptions for me. Will this change effect the process? OMG… let me tell you. In less then 30 seconds I was able to get my free downloads through the cart with just a name and email, exactly as I wanted. I have a woocommerce site and I have seen on some Facebook ads that the product is absolutely free, All they have to do is pay for shipping.

WooCommerce: Move / Remove Coupon Form @ Cart & Checkout

I hope you can help me, thanks! GeneratePress 2. February 26, at am David Customer Support. Hello david! Thanks for answering. I placed the code in functions and effectively moved it. Ex: Have a coupon? I would like you to please help me with the CSS code, I would appreciate it. February 26, at pm Tom Lead Developer. Hello Tom!

The site's currently on a 1and1 shared hosting plan, which probably isn't ideal. Would you recommend moving the site to a different host? So i just bought the wp-all-import woocommerce pro plugin from sofly because i have ALOT of products to get in Woocommerce with all having variables and such. So after about hours the products imported. I checked the page and it worked fine for a little bit but then when i tried to open my wp-admin again i got a blank page. I googled around and found that more people had this problem and solved it by changing the plugin directory to plugins.

This works but every time i activate the woocommerce plugin it breaks again. I am using WooCommerce to make an online clothing store with WordPress. However, I am having a problem with the slugs showing up. I'll give an example to make it easy to understand: I sell sneakers to men and women, the Adidas sneakers should be available to both men and woman, however, 2 individual pages for the same pair of shoes.

Because the women-versions of the shoes are different. So when I am adding a product to the shop, or adding category's to the menu, this problem shows up: I see 'Adidas Sneakername ' 2 Times in the list. Because both men and woman categories are showing up.


By this, you'll never know which sneaker is for which gender? Is there a way to let the Category-slug show up in these pages? Or is there any other way to easily see which category is connected to which gender? A photo of the problem can be seen here.