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Do you cut out each coupon individually? Not if you want to remain sane or not end up discouraged because it takes so long! The first thing to do is to grab all your copies of one insert and start pulling it apart. Create stacks of pages tossing any pages that you know without a doubt that you don't want.

Once you have all of your stack, grab 4 like-pages at a time, line them up and start cutting through all 4 pages.

How to Organize Coupons

I like to avoid the temptation to do more than 4 pages at a time, because the pages have a tendency to shift while you are cutting, and you don't want to be cutting through your barcodes! Now that you have all of your little piles of coupons, how do you organize them?

Coupons & Deals To Live A Great Midlife!

Frankly — if you are looking to save any serious money, you should just skip this method. One product that receives rave reviews is The Couponizer. And then there is the coupon binder…..

I love my binder. My husband will occasionally catch me caressing my binder I usually tell him I was just cleaning it. To create a coupon binder, you simply need a binder get a zipper binder — sooner or later you will drop it and a zipper binder will keep the mess contained , page dividers, trading card pages and lots of coupons. Now here's the part where you need to get over any shyness or embarrassment at using coupons.

You are going to want to take this coupon binder with you to the grocery store. To stay organized: Go ahead and make your grocery lists and note which coupons you have, but leave those coupons in there until you actually take the item off the shelf and put it in your cart unless you are running in for a quick trip for 1 or 2 things.

Why do I say this? Because I can tell you from experience that if you pull a bunch of coupons out of your binder and head to the store, any coupons that you didn't use will NEVER find their way back in to the binder. Maybe in the beginning when you are all gung-ho…but after a few months? You'll be pulling coupons from your purse, your jacket pocket, the visor in your car….. Either the item isn't a pantry staple or doesn't freeze or I just don't want to get it.

Or I bought 15 copies of the paper to get a bunch of specific coupons, but don't need 15 each of many others. I can't tell you the number of times I have handed out coupons to perfect strangers in the store when I see them grabbing something for which I have coupons. Consider it your good deed for the day! Next Up? I have a binder with the baseball card holders. I organize my coupons by alphabetical order by brand name.

It is what works for me. Okay…Yes, Bonnie! You did inspire me with your cute binder.. Sad day. And what is this with buying a new binder?

I thought the one I gave you was hip and awesome. Oh bother. We need to chat about another certain post coming up….. I have my coupons organized like your post. So easy to get to when you find a great deal. I paid 5. Thanks for the great idea of putting the Free ones in the front.

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I saw that tip on a few other sale blogs and decided to check out my local store—instead of ordering large lots of pages from Amazon and paying shipping. This way I could buy exactly the amount of pages I wanted! I have a small coupon file that I have been using, and I have been wondering how to take it to the next level!!

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Thanks a bunch!! Hi — I used my binder I bought from Saveathomemommy. Until I outgrew it! I keep it in a big tote with the open side up. I get some grief from friends who see my mammoth binder…but when I tell them how much I save with it, they stop laughing. I currently use a little accordion organizer that fits in my purse.

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I love that and looks easier to use than standing in the grocery sifting through all the coupons. Does it easily fit in your purse? Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.

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