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Extension to a lottery game for which winning indicia are set by selections made by winners of a base lottery game. AUB2 en. MXA es. Juego de loteria en linea en el cual estan disponibles indicadores seleccionados de loteria suplementales para compra. WOA2 en.

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AUA1 en. Methods and apparatus for enhanced interactive game play in lottery and gaming environments. Secure money transfer systems and methods using biometric keys associated therewith. Generation systems and methods for transaction identifiers having biometric keys associated therewith. Barcoded lottery ticket, system and method for producing and validating the same.

How ATVM Machines Work

Coin counting machines having coupon capabilities, loyalty program capabilities, advertising capabilities, and the like. Optical coin discrimination systems and methods for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like.

Methods and systems for registering relationships between users via a symbology. Digital image coin discrimination for use with consumer-operated kiosks and the like. Ticket checker for activating winning pre-printed game tickets so as to permit redemption of the tickets. Mobile device applications, other applications and associated kiosk-based systems and methods for facilitating coin saving.

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Instant lottery game employing vending machines which are centrally controlled by computers. Personal universal identity card system for failsafe interactive financial transactions. Coupon validation network with storage of customer coupon data for credit on future purchases. DED1 de. CAA1 en. EPA1 en. WOA1 en. AUA en. EPB1 en.

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Mumbai Suburban Railway system — Coach view 1 - View of coach in busy hours. Mumbai Suburban Railway system — Coach view 2 - View of coach in normal timings. English Bangali Gujarati Hindi.

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